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Get Legal Assistance in Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim After a Workplace Injury

If you suffer a work-related illness or injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which can include money covering your medical care, some of your lost wages and disability benefits.
Anyone can file a workers’ compensation claim if they suffered an injury in the workplace, regardless of whose fault the injury was. Your chances of success in your claim can be bolstered by working with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.
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Eligibility for workers’ compensation

There are four primarily eligibility requirements for anyone who wishes to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits:
  • You must be an employee
  • Your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance
  • Your injury or illness must be work related
  • You must meet California deadlines for reporting the injury and filing a workers’ compensation claim
There are also some special eligibility rules that exist for specific categories of employees, such as seasonal or casual workers, temporary workers or agricultural workers.

Filing a claim

Your first step should be to report your injury. California has a 30-day deadline to report an injury—if you wait longer, your workers’ compensation claim may be dismissed automatically. You should therefore inform your employer of the injury or illness as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the more skeptical an insurance company (and your employer) will be of your claim. Plus, the sooner you begin the claims process, the sooner you can get benefits.
Your employer will provide you with the forms you must fill out. The employer will then submit these forms to its workers’ compensation insurance provider and the state workers’ compensation agency, marking the official start to your claim.
If your claim is denied, you will need to file official paperwork with the workers’ compensation agency to appeal the decision. It is not unusual for claims to be initially denied and then accepted upon appeal. This is one of the most important reasons to work with an attorney—it gives you much greater chance of success in both your initial application and in an appeal.
The insurer will let you know whether your application has been approved or denied within two to four weeks. You’ll start receiving benefits as soon as the claim is approved.

Get legal representation throughout the claims process

For legal guidance throughout the process of your workers’ compensation claim, seek the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney in Los Angeles at the Law Offices of Christopher Montes de Oca. We care about helping injured workers get the compensation they deserve.

Client Testimonial

The insurance company offered Mary only $30,000 for the brain injury she suffered during a car accident. We fought for Mary and recovered over $12 million. Watch this video to hear Mary’s story – told by her incredible parents.

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Mr. Montes de Oca is a highly skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense and personal injury attorney. I’ve consulted with him on a number of my cases and always receive great advice. His attention to detail is uncanny and his clients always get his best effort. I know that any case that I refer to him, will be well taken care of. I endorse this lawyer, without reservation.Jesus E. Arias Esq., LL.M
Chris continues to be a trusted friend and colleague. I’ve been fortunate to know Chris since 2006, when we worked in the same floor and office building. I’m proud to refer clients to Chris because he produces outstanding results and he treats his clients with respect and dignity. In light of the foregoing, Chris is also well-liked and well-respected by other attorneys and judges throughout the legal community.Irineo A. Rus III, Esq.
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I endorse Mr. Montes de Oca as an attorney. I have been witness to some amazing results he has obtained for his clients in personal injury cases and criminal defense. I have also witnessed the care he has for his clients, his desire to bring them quality representation that is affordable. In one case in particular he went out of his way to call me about a firearm charge one of his clients faced, knowing that is my area of expertise and that it would be much less expensive for his client for him to have me answer a quick question than decipher confusing firearm laws. I have known Mr. Montes de Oca since law school, and on top of his impressive professional resume he is also a very nice person.Sean Brady, Esq.
Mr. Montes De Oca is a knowledgeable attorney who possesses substantial experience in Personal Injury & criminal defense. With great skills he provides excellent representation to his clients. In my opinion he is one of the best qualified.Griselda Rodriguez, Esq.
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Chris is a powerhouse in the Personal Injury field. He is well known for his rigorous representation of clients and from start to finish of a case, a true professional. He is a devoted advocate and skillful litigator. I am comfortable sending all my PI referrals to Chris.Eseigbe A. Omofoma, Esq.
Chris is an outstanding attorney. He works tirelessly to achieve the results that his clients deserve. I endorse this lawyer.Duc T. Tran, Esq.
I endorse Christopher Montes De Oca. I have known Christopher for a few years and have found him to be very knowledgeable in the area of criminal defense. Christopher is a very passionate about the representation of his clients and this passion has resulted in positive outcomes for many of his clients. If you want strong representation by a knowledgeable attorney, contact Christopher Montes De Oca Esq.Scott D. Hughes, Esq.
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Mr. Montes De Oca is a persistent and unyielding advocate for his clients. He has an established track record of successful litigation outcomes for his clients. I do not hesitate to refer litigation cases to his office. I endorse this lawyer.Stephen M. Sargeant, Esq.
I have worked with Chris on some criminal matters and I have learned to know his work ethics. Even though he charges a reasonable flat fee on most cases, he is always very aggressive in representing his clients and looking after their best interests.Tobie B. Waxman, Esq.
I highly endorse this lawyer. Mr. Montes De Oca is a superior well-rounded attorney in many fields, a skill most other attorneys in his field do not posses. Mr. Montes De Oca is compassionate about his clients and strives to maintain constant contact with clients.Christie O. Beard, Esq.

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