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What To Do After Getting Into A Car Accident In Pico Rivera?

Hundreds of car accidents happen yearly in Pico Rivera, and most of these incidents only involve damage to the vehicle. Make sure to follow the list below if you find yourself in an automobile accident. These things will help you protect yourself and avoid any potential legal issues.

The very first action you need to do is stop. You must not drive away from where the accident happen even if it just a minor one. You also need to protect the scene especially if the crash occurred during at night. You can do it by keeping your flashers on. Always bring a flashlight with you just in case it is dark and your lights don’t work.

Notify the Authorities Immediately

Calling the police in Pico Rivera is a must even if there are no serious injuries. Filing a police report may be needed even if it is just to make a claim for the vehicular damage. The cars involved in an accident should remain at exactly their current state unless they cause traffic.

Make sure to tell the police investigating officer exactly what happened that lead to your accident. Inform the cops if you do not know certain facts. Even if there are no injuries, they can still ask you how you are feeling. Say that you are not sure rather than no.

Document the Incident

Take photos of the vehicles if there are visible damages. You will need it when you file a claim for your insurance. Notify your insurance company as soon as you can. If you are injured, take photos of yourself as well and find out whether your insurance coverage offers medical benefits.

You should get the information of all the people involved in the accident. You also need to get the information if the witnesses if applicable. The officers will provide you a report number to use when you obtain your police report.

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The most important thing you should do when you get involved in an accident is to consult a lawyer. Our personal injury lawyer will protect your rights and provide advice on issues from the compensation of your damaged vehicle. He will provide you with the legal representation and advice necessary for the success of your case whether for insurance compensation or court settlement. Contact our personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation on car accidents in Pico Rivera. Call 877-465-2911 or visit us online.

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