Know What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Whittier

Even if you are as careful as you possibly could be when you are driving your motorcycle, there is always the chance that you could be involved in an accident. These are unfortunate incidents that can turn out to be costly, stressful, and even lead to some sort of major injuries or disabilities. There are several things that you should do when you are involved in some sort of a motorcycle accident in Whittier to make sure that you are able to navigate the process.

Get To Safety

Right after an accident, you need to get out of harm’s way, making your way out of traffic and off of the roadway.

Check or Injuries

Always check yourself and others around you for injuries to see if anyone is hurt. There are very few drivers and passengers of a motorcycle accident that are able to easily walk away from an incident without injury. Call 911 as soon as possible and make sure that everyone is able to stay as calm as possible until help arrives.

Talk With Law Enforcement

This will only be necessary if emergency services were contacted for injuries, or if it seems as though there is some sort of dispute as to the details of the accident. Law enforcement will generally be there to control traffic, record any details of the accident, and determine what actions should be taken next.

Finally, you should never leave the scene until everything is taken care of. Gather the insurance coverage information from the other parties involved and then make sure that you take note of any damage to your property and jot down notes on the scene of the accident itself. This will all be helpful to you should you have to go further into some sort of insurance claim or battle for an accident settlement on your behalf.

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