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How Much is My Truck Accident Case Worth in Los Angeles?

Worth of Truck Accident in Los Angeles

Figuring out the amount a truck accident case in Los Angeles is worth is as much art as it is science. It depends on a variety of factors such as the people involved, the type of insurance coverage they have, and factors such as the accident location. An attorney knowledgeable in the field can be a valuable resource in helping you determine the worth of your truck accident case.

Your attorney can apply expert knowledge to the situation to estimate the amount of any potential compensation you are likely to receive.

Factors involved in determining the worth of an accident case involving a track include:

The Issue of Economic Damages

These usually are awarded in the following areas:

  • Loss of wages already incurred
  • Future medical costs
  • Incurred medical expenses
  • Future loss of wages

The amount of damages granted in each of these categories will vary in accordance with the type of injury sustained, the cost of the medical treatment required, the length of this treatment, and the amount of time missed from work as a result of the accident.

If the injuries you have suffered are minor and you are able to return to work within weeks, then the corresponding projected loss of wages and future medical costs are not likely to be substantial. On the other hand, an injury that keeps you from working for months or years may involve substantial sums to make up for the lost income and extensive medical expenses.

Your Age When the Truck Accident Happened

Another factor in determining any economic damages is your age when the accident occurred and your income level. A younger worker is likely to have a longer expected working period before retirement than an older worker, and therefore would be subject to an award for a greater amount of lost compensation than a worker who was much closer to retirement age. Similarly, a highly paid executive would be eligible for more in the way of lost compensation than a part time worker at a low paying job.

Damages categorized as non-economic for a truck accident are typically for pain and suffering experienced as the result of the accident. These damages can vary widely from case to case. Different injuries can cause different amounts of pain and suffering, but so can similar injuries, depending on the individual. As a result, the compensation awarded for pain and suffering can vary from case to case even with similar injuries.

The Location Where Your Truck Accident Case Is Tried

The location where your case is tried can also have an effect on the awarding of any non-economic damages. If your case features a jury sympathetic to your claims the awards are likely to be more substantial than if the reverse is the case.

Ultimately, the worth attributed to your truck accident case will depend on how strong the evidence is, the type and scope of the defendant’s insurance coverage, the clear establishment of liability, and the skill and knowledge of your lawyer. As a result, selecting an experienced and skilled attorney is essential to improving your chances of getting the maximum worth possible from your truck accident case.

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