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Do You Know What You Should Do After A Bus Accident In Whittier?

Do you know what you should do after a bus accident in Whittier? The normal rules to the aftermath of a car wreck do not apply as much to something like a bus accident, just given the sheer size and scope of the situation.

Of course your first priority will be to see to your own health and everyone around you that you know, but you can’t realistically expect to check up on everyone on the bus, if it is full of passengers. Also, evacuation of the vehicle might be necessary. Fuel leaks could be very dangerous things and fire hazards, and even a slightly overturned bus can mean things like falling luggage or the lavatory spilling out and making people sick.

While traffic might naturally know how to route around a two-car accident and a moment or two might be taken before calling 911, a bus accident needs to be reported immediately. Police need to get to the scene immediately to route traffic themselves, lest it back up for miles and create problems for hours. A big wreck can practically shut down a community for half a day or more, which can actually impact a local economy seriously.

On top of this, they need to keep roads clear so that emergency vehicles can get in. Someone has to carry healthy passengers away from the scene, which the bus won’t be doing, and multiple ambulances and fire trucks are likely to come in, even as a precaution. When emergency dispatch hear about a bus accident, they do not always wait to find out how many passengers or injuries there are before sending multiple vehicles.

In the end, someone also has to possibly tow the whole bus out of there. Hopefully by then you are healthy and back on your journey through alternate transportation, if not home already.

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