Steps You Should Take After A Bus Accident

Bus accidents are generally much worse than a car accident because the chance of injury is greater. If you are in a bus accident there are certain steps that you should take afterward.

Seek Medical Attention

If you have been hurt during the bus accident you will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you are not seriously injured then you should move to a safe spot away from the bus. Buses that have been in accidents could catch on fire and you need to be a safe distance in case this happens.

Report The Accident

While the bus driver should report the accident to the bus company and the authorities you should also contact the police. If you are able to you should call the police immediately after the accident and give your witness statement. You should also try and find other witnesses to the accident who were either on the bus or saw the accident happen.

Take Pictures Of The Scene

If you are able to you should take pictures of the accident scene. Try and capture as much of the collision site as possible along with damage to the surrounding area. You may need these pictures if you are going to claim against the bus company.

Keep A Record Of The Damage

If you are injured in the accident you need to keep a record of any injuries you have. Documentation such as receipts and doctor’s bills should be kept in an organized manner and somewhere safe. All of this information is necessary if you are looking to make a personal injury claim against the bus company.

Top Bus Accident Attorney

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