What Should You Do After You Are In An Uber Or Lyft Accident In Long Beach?

Ride sharing services run through apps and websites such as Uber and Lyft have turned the taxi industry upside down and opened up affordable transportation for millions who either do not own a car or don’t want to use one in certain circumstances.

For the most part, these rides are safe, as the drivers have undergone robust background checks and go through safety training. Still, accidents can happen. If you are a passenger of an Uber or Lyft ride and wind up in an accident in Long Beach, there are certain steps you need to take once it happens.

1. Make sure you’re okay or not hurt too badly: The safety and collision technology in cars has come to a point that most people get out of a car after an accident with only scratches, at most. Still, be sure you’re okay yourself first and foremost.

2. Check on other passengers and your driver: Don’t get mad at him for there being a wreck, even if it was obviously his fault. Make sure everyone else in your vehicle is alright, and administer needed first aid to anyone that needs.

3. Inquire with the other vehicle: If another car or vehicle was involved in this incident, it’s a safe assumption they did their own health checking, but make sure anyway. At least one vehicle needs to summon law enforcement, and you can’t know if you need to add EMTs to the response call until everyone is looked at.

4. Don’t get involved in any dispute between the other vehicle and the ridesharing driver: Even if it was obviously either the driver’s fault or clearly not, you don’t want to do anything that might get you named as a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Remember what you saw, but don’t play witness until asked about by police or lawyers.

5. Call Uber or Lyft yourself: Even if you think the driver has done this, make sure yourself. You might be entitled to rights or benefits, and they might send out a response team directly. At the very least get another ride.

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